What Options Do The Cardinals Have At First Base?

For Perspective.

There’s no rush for the Cardinals to make a move. Management wants to see what Mark Reynolds can do. Plus, they’re tops in the NL Central with a 6.5 game cushion and have a pitching staff that boasts the MLB’s best ERA at 2.72 to go with an offense that scores runs at 4.27 a clip.

It isn’t like the offense will take a huge hit either, as Adams was having an incredibly mediocre (that’s a stretch even) season, as he was projected to have a 1.1 WAR. That’s about replacement-player level. Adams’ OPS against right-handers was .683 this season, compare to .862 over the last two seasons. The Cardinals lost a small piece of their offense, not Anthony Rizzo or Paul Goldschmidt. Don’t take this the wrong way, I like what Adams can do, and I certainly hope he can come back as a threat in the lineup, but he wasn’t putting up numbers that warrant hitting the panic button.

Lastly, the Cardinals have a certain way of doing things, and they will try to solve this issue in-house first before making any trades or other moves.


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