The Advent of Gerrit Cole

Simply put, from a fan’s prospective, there are few things better than watching a pitcher on a team that you root for dominate outing after outing and seemingly effortlessly at that. Gerrit Cole is one such pitcher.

Cole, 24, is starting his 2015 campaign the way most starting pitchers could only dream of. He’s never started more than 22 games in a season during his short three year major league career, but this has been his best season still, hands down. He’s had 10 starts thus far totaling 64 innings pitched. In this time he’s amassed a 7-2 record to accompany his whisper thin 2.11 ERA. His WHIP is a modest 1.094 but with 70 strike outs and 14 walks his WHIP really doesn’t translate to what he’s done this season for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

His defense doesn’t require much notice except for the fact that it’s pretty sharp. He’s only committed a total of three errors in the Majors, one in his first season and two last season.

Batting hasn’t been too shabby for Cole either, hitting .227 this season and a career .196. Great numbers? No. But pretty substantial when you consider he’s a pitcher and at best will only appear in 32 regular season games at best.

His WAR is a career high 1.9 and is making a very affordable  $531,000 heading into his first year of arbitration after next season. If you want more bang for your buck, then you want Gerrit Cole on your roster.

It’s not as if people didn’t see great things coming when he came into pro baseball. After all, in the 2011 amateur draft he was chosen with the first overall pick. It’s just that some players have growing pains or need more time for development, especially pitchers; even more so for especially starting pitchers. Aside from some injuries which had limited his play time in 2014, he’s been doing better than anyone had hoped for a starting pitcher his age, and with only a shade over a year of service time.

The only point of concern now is his health and longevity. As far as the Majors is concerned he’s never tossed more than 138 innings. His max in the minors for one season was 132. It’s a small career sample size overall considering he wasn’t called up until June of his first season and lost roughly 10 starts to injury in 2014, but every season can’t be partially spent on the disabled list.

Barring any injuries I don’t see any future problems for Gerrit Cole or his fans. He’s an outstanding talent and has thus far earned his number one draft spot. The only issue anyone could possibly see in Cole is that he’s not wearing the uniform of the team they’re root for; unless of course, you’re rooting for the Pirates.

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