MLB Power Rankings: June 1st

Happy Monday sports fans! Today we start our third month of this 2015 MLB season, and surprises very much abound. The Minnesota Twins have made their leap into the top spot of baseball’s best division and don’t seem to be slipping anytime soon. Led by veteran outfielder Torii Hunter, the Twins’ offense has batted itself into the top ten in the league in runs, RBI, and BA.

In the NL West, the Giants briefly jumped the Los Angeles Dodgers in the standings this week just to end up 0.5 games behind this Monday morning. The Dodgers will surely not take the Giants lightly, however, as their .272 BA is best among all NL teams, and shortstop Brandon Crawford has been tearing it up as of late. The Dodgers got Yasmani Grandal back late this week (in a big way I might add), and should be seeing some bat flips from Yasiel Puig some day soon, but can this be enough to help the Dodgers score runs on the road?

Since it is the end of the month, I will be handing out hitter and pitcher of the month awards, instead of the normal weekly awards. There were a few battles for my coveted award (I know it’s not coveted, just let me have this!) that kept me up late Sunday night deciding. Among these were the Cubs’ Hitter of the Month between Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant, Nationals’ Pitcher of the Month between Max Scherzer and Drew Storen, and MLB Hitter of the Month between Bryce Harper and Jason Kipnis. Who wins? Well the answers are on the following pages so quit reading this and click on the next page!

Without any further ado:

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