Just Spitballin’ Episode 6: Saving Pitchers’ Arms and Taking Kids with Cancer to Baseball Games

Episode 6 is the first one to have multiple interviews. After missing a few weeks due to Mothers Day, anniversaries, laziness, and computer problems, we thought we owed you a jam-packed episode.

In the opening segment, we talk a little bit about Alex Rodriguez‘s future as the manager of the Miami Marlins, as well as Jeff’s brush with fame when Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies talked about him on TV during a Cubs/Pirates game.

At the 9:10 mark, we jump into an interview with Greg Durfee (@YCBT2014Greg), the founder of the Youth Cancer Baseball Tour. Greg’s group takes kids who are battling cancer, along with their families, to Major League Baseball games to take their minds off their troubles for a few hours. Check out what Jeff wrote about the group a few weeks ago, and go to their GoFundMe page to donate to this great cause.

At 27:49, we talk with Alan Jaeger (@jaegersports) of Jaeger Sports. Alan has worked with high school, college, and professional pitchers to build arm strength and avoid injuries. The interview is very in-depth — about 45 minutes long — but thoroughly fascinating. Alan is a very interesting man who, although he is “not a scientist” as Sports Illustrated pointed out, has applied the scientific formula to his theories over 25 years and come to some very interesting conclusions.

Of particular note during the Jaeger segment, at the 54:50 mark we discuss the upcoming MLB Draft and the impact that his research and training could (or should) have on players being drafted as high school seniors or college underclassmen.

At 1:12:41, we move into our final segment. There was no Six Degrees of Kevin Stocker this week, but instead we played some baseball trivia with each other.

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