Entourage: MLB Edition

Earlier this week the must anticipated feature length follow up for HBO’s hit TV series Entourage hit theaters. The show which ran for several seasons and has many devoted fans throughout the world, follows four friends who live in Hollywood while the main character Vince chases his dream of becoming a successful actor. In honor of the movie being released this week I thought I would try to find four MLB players whose careers and personalities are similar to those of the shows main characters.


Vince Chase-Bryce Harper

Vince is the hot-shot Hollywood actor with the movie star looks and the talent to become a star. Throughout the show Vince has had a number of ups and downs in his career. He had huge successes with record breaking movies but as followed it up with massive flops and even rehab stints. His actions sometimes angered Hollywood exes and made him a number of enemies throughout his career. Bryce Harper’s career to this point emulates this perfectly. Harper was the hot-shot prospect when he was first called up the big leagues and did not disappoint making the All-Star team as a 19 year old en route to winning Rookie of the Year. However, Harper’s career has experienced some poor seasons and seasons derailed by a variety of injuries. Additionally, Harper’s style of play has angered some around the game. He plays all out all the time and his aggressiveness and flare have caused some on field issues with older players. The show and movie make it seem like Vince’s career is pointing up for good much like Harper’s who has been an MVP type start to 2015.

Johnny Drama- Melvin B.J. Upton

Johnny Drama is Vince’s older half brother. Also an actor Drama has not seen the same levels of success that Vince has had. He got his start on a show called Viking Quest when he was younger and it was relatively successful with Drama getting recognized for his work. However, during the show Drama’s career is on the downswing struggling to find work and not seeing his shows succeed when he does happen to get in one. This is a match for the artist formally known as B.J. Upton.  Once a borderline superstar with the Tampa Bay Rays Upton’s career has been overshadowed by his younger brother, Justin Upton. Upton was traded this offseason to the San Diego Padres after and unsuccessful tenure with the Atlanta Braves. Like Drama struggling to find work Upton fill likely struggle to find playing time in a crowded outfield that contains his more successful younger brother.

Eric Murphy- Jordan Zimmermann 

Eric is Vince’s childhood best friend who comes with him to Hollywood. Eventually, E becomes Vince’s manager. Many throughout the show think that Eric is only successful because of Vince and to prove this wrong Eric often looks for other clients to manage, opens his own management company, and signs on with famous management company but regardless of what he does he always returns to Vince and most of his success comes from Vince. Finding an MLB comparison was not quite as easy as the first two were but I think Jordan Zimmermann is a good example. Like E, Zimmermann has been overlooked at times because he is not necessarily “the man”. Zimmermann has been the 1B ace for the Washington Nationals behind guys like Stephen Strasburg and now Max Scherzer. However, at times Zimmermann has had to be the sole ace at times and has performed excellently when Strasburg previously missed time. Both Zimmermann and Eric have the talent to be successful on their own but find themselves living in the shadow of someone else.

Turtle- Jose Bautista

Another childhood friend, Turtle comes over to Hollywood and finds a role as Vince’s driver. Throughout the show Turtle lives off of Vince’s success not really doing much on his own to earn a living.  However, at the shows end, Turtle begins to try to make money of his own. He starts a limo service with attractive girls as the drivers, goes back to school, and eventually invests in a Tequila company which makes him rich. When thinking of MLB players who could fit this description I came up with Jose Bautista. Bautista had a rough start to his career bouncing around the minor leagues and playing with a few different organizations early in his career.  Bautista actually played for four different teams in his rook season back in 2004. However, much like Turtle found Tequila, Bautista found the Toronto Blue Jays. Since then he has become one of the most feared power hitters in the game and a perennial All-Star.


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