Stats Don’t Lie: Matt Duffy outplaying Pablo Sandoval in 2015

When the San Francisco Giants lost Pablo Sandoval this past offseason, it was viewed as a major loss and rightfully so. They had little-to-no depth behind him at third base and ended up trading for Casey McGehee to replace him, which turned out to be a bad move. With McGehee now in Triple-A, the team has the inexperienced Matt Duffy starting at third base and he has been a blessing in disguise for the World Series champs.

Sandoval, in 54 games played this season, has hit .245 with six home runs and 21 RBI.

Duffy, in 49 games played, is hitting .283 with five home runs and 23 RBI.

Duffy, as you can see, is leading Sandoval in both RBI and batting average. The only one of those stats Sandoval leads in is home runs and it’s only by one.

For similar production offensively, their two contracts couldn’t be any different. Sandoval is in the first year of a five-year, $98 million deal that he signed with the Boston Red Sox at the end of 2014. Duffy, meanwhile, is only making $509,000 in 2015.

On the defensive side, however, Duffy has outplayed Sandoval. With the Giants, Sandoval was a sneaky good defensive third baseman for his size. In 151 games with the team last year, he had only 11 errors, or one every 13.72 games.

With the Red Sox this season, Sandoval has had a brutal season defensively, as he’s had nine errors in only 52 games, or one ever 5.78 games.

Duffy, on the other hand, is capable of playing all over the infield and has done so, playing first, second and third base for varying amounts of time this season. In 47 games, he has five errors, or one every 9.4 games.

While the stats are subject to change, one thing is clear: Through the first 62 games of the season, the half-a-million per year Duffy is outplaying the $19.6 million per year Sandoval, both offensively and defensively.

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5 Responses

  1. otatop

    “With McGehee now in Triple-A”

    Casey McGehee was recalled from AAA on June 5th.

  2. Krupotkin

    Bad news, Boston, this is who Pedro is. In 2010, he was so bad that the Giants’ announcers took it virtually for granted that he’d start the following season in AAA. His batting stats last year were virtually identical to the 2010 stats that almost had him out of the majors. However, after his hot streak in last year’s post season, Fenway Sports got caught up in the moment and offered him an insane contract. Basically, Boston paid a brand-new, top-of-the-line Mercedes price for a high mileage Chevy Malibu.

  3. Jordan

    Sandoval has been exposed on defense without Brandon Crawford to get everything for him.

  4. J French Rennier

    Pablo has returned to his selfish lack of conditioning ways trying to eat himself into a DH job while enjoying what has to be 1 of the worst contracts awarded in recent memory. Gone totally is his ability to hit righthanded & as his weight steadily moves into the proportions of the obese, his fielding will become progressively worse. Duffy on the other hand has emerged as a true talent while basically learning the position on the field showing surprising power numbers.

  5. Jimmy

    You mean to tell me that an overweight third baseman who .280 batting average over the past few seasons and never drove in more than 80 runs SHOULDN’T have gotten a $95 million deal?


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