MLB Power Rankings: June 15th

Happy Monday, sports fans!  As we head toward the final game (or games) in the NHL season, baseball is shining brighter than ever. The first no-no of the year came this week, from the arm of Giants’ rookie Chris Heston. This is just adding wood to the fire that is “The Year of the First Years” (I came up with that, to my knowledge, so credit me when you use it!). Rookie phenoms Byron Buxton and Francisco Lindor were introduced to the MLB world just yesterday and already have made impacts; Buxton scoring the winning run in his first game, and Lindor giving all Indians fans a nice laugh break from the Miguel Cabrera show by falling down on his first hit.

Yasiel Puig had his first full week back with the Dodgers and made a big impact, winning hitter of the week for his club. Pitcher of the week for the Dodgers is the 2010–present pitcher of the world, Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw is seemingly back, and in a big way. More Dodgers look to come back from injury soon and the Cardinals should definitely not feel safe.

So without further ado:

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