Just Spitballin’ Episode 8: Talking “The Game” with Author Jon Pessah

In Episode 8 of Just Spitballin’, Jeff and Josh talked with Jon Pessah, author of the book The Game: Inside the Secret World of Major League Baseball’s Power Brokers. The interview, which begins at 13:25, covers a range of topics, including how the world would be different if George W. Bush, and not Bud Selig, had replaced Fay Vincent as commissioner of baseball. We talk about the five long years of interviews and research that went into Pessah’s book, and how the only hero in the book is the game of baseball itself.

Jon Pessah was a founding editor of ESPN the Magazine. He has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, managed the sports departments for Newsday and the Hartford Courant, and edited, wrote, and ran the investigative team for ESPN the Magazine. He is also a diehard baseball fan — the New York Yankees, to be specific — whose genuine love for the game comes through in this interview.

In the opening segment this week, Jeff and Josh discuss several topics, including the Royals’ All-Star voting domination, the Cardinals’ FBI investigation, Bud Black‘s unceremonious dismissal from the San Diego Padres, and Tom Willis, the man with no arms who threw a perfect first pitch before a San Francisco Giants game.

In the closing segment, beginning at 55:30, Jeff wins another game of Six Degrees of Kevin Stocker. Ho hum. No big deal.


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