David Ortiz Would Refuse Trade

Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is having one of the worse seasons of his career, batting .231/.316/.407 over 60 games. The talk of the town a couple of weeks ago was whether or not Ortiz should be traded or platooned with left fielder Hanely Ramirez. It was not the team’s struggles that brought this topic up, but Ortiz’ struggles so far against left handers, as he has batted just .123 with a -33 wRC+ against southpaws.

Many were saying that Ortiz could go back to the Minnesota Twins, the team he made his Major League debut with, and also the team that released him. He would be reunited with longtime friend and Twins right fielder Torii Hunter. But, regardless of how bad he is doing this year, the outspoken designated hitter will not be traded. The organization would be foolish to trade him after all he has given the city of Boston.

Asked yesterday if he would approve a trade anywhere, Ortiz replied to reporters “No chance. This is the team I’ll be with the rest of my career.” Of course he wants to stay here, and why wouldn’t he? The Red Sox gave him a chance to be something following his release.

“I couldn’t just go to another team then fit in after all these years.” That is probably not true. Ortiz is a huge clubhouse presence and is known as much for his likable, team first personality in the clubhouse as he is for his bat in October.

Ortiz is a three-time World Series Champion, a nine-time All-Star, a seven-time recipient of the Edgar Martinez award, and has won six Silver Slugger awards all with Boston. With age catching up to David Ortiz, he’d prefer to finish out his career in Boston as Big Papi, and Red Sox Nation will have no problem with that.

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