Female shortstop Melissa Mayeux makes MLB history

As Lindsay Berra of MLB.com notes, 16-year-old Melissa Mayeux of France made history on Sunday when she became the first known female baseball player to be added onto the Major League Baseball international registration list. As noted by Berra, this gives Mayeux the opportunity to sign with a big league team on July 2.

The process to join the registration list is a long one that requires a fair amount of personal information, which is mandatory in order to provide all big-league clubs with a slim background on players who are looked at on a daily basis.

Mayeux speaks very little English, which makes her understanding of the tremendous accomplishment a little harder. According to reports, Mayeux is unaware that her presence on the registry is a newsworthy event in the United States.

With Melissa’s name newly added to the international prospects list, it provides her the opportunity to sign with a team if interest is mutual between both sides which will be noted as the official start to a new era not only in Major League Sports itself but especially in Major League Baseball.

From Berra:

Boris Rothermundt, Melissa’s coach, has been working with her for two years now. When asked about what she wants as an athlete, he said “Melissa just wants to have to most opportunity she can in baseball. She is not at all thinking about being the first female on the list.”

Melissa also spoke with Berra and here was what she said. “I would like very much to continue playing baseball in France until I’m 18 years old, and then have the ability to leave for university or another opportunity abroad. I’d like to stay in baseball as long as possible.”

MLB Director of International Game Development Mike McClellan has been watching Mayeux play for the two years she has spent in the program and had nothing but good things to say about her tremendous sporting abilities. “She’s a legitimate shortstop who makes all the plays and is very smooth and fluid in the field. She swings the bat really well and is fearless.”

Melissa is one of just four players who have been selected from the French team to participate in MLB’s European Elite Camp which will take place starting in August. Throughout the course of the program, Melissa will have the opportunity to work with a few former big league players and managers who will all help her in one way or another to develop all kinds of different skills that are important to learn as she is somebody who would like to reach the major league level one day as the first women to ever professionally play the game.

Melissa is not the first aspiring baseball star to have been selected into this spontaneous program in which she is currently participating in. At one point a while back, Italian 3B Alex Liddi and German 1B Donald Lutz were both selected and worked hard to a point where they both eventually ended up in the majors successfully.

As a head start to the program, Mayeux is expected to head to Germany next week where she will attend a pitching and hitting camp where she will constantly continue to work on her swing and approach at the plate which will only make her that much better going forward.

As it stands right now, it is unlikely that Melissa gets signed. That’s not to say that she won’t, but it is unlikely. In the case that she does, she would likely be invited to extended spring training next year for evaluation.

Should she go unsigned, Mayeux would have the opportunity to make the roster in time for the 2017 World Baseball Classic where she could continue to show off just how good she is and could also become one of the top 25 French players to participate in the event.

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