Yankees World Series Ring Day in July Celebrates 2000 Championship

In just about a month, New York Yankees fans can get a taste of what it’s like to be a champion. Well, the kids will. New York celebrates its 2000 World Series championship 15 years later and they do it in style by including their loyal fans with replica World Series rings for all of the little ones. The first 18,000 guests aged 14-and-under get the giveaway rings, and then get to watch the action as the Yanks try to take down the visiting Seattle Mariners.

Best of all, Yankees tickets for this July 19 matchup at Yankee Stadium come with some solid value. Tickets are currently $220.80 on average, with the cheap seats being just $19. That’s about $70 more than their season average ($157.56), but for a prime Sunday afternoon matchup with a really cool giveaway in the form of a World Series replica ring, it’s tremendous pricing.

Whenever the Yankees are hosting one of these notable promotional days, the better ticket deals can surely be found directly from the club, as opposed to the secondary market. In fact, just take a quick glance at the prices for section 329, row 2 tickets. The Yankees have the significantly better deal, featuring those seats for a measly $48, while on the secondary market, those same tickets are going for $85. Additionally, Yankees.com also has a much better price for tickets in section 406, row 4, being $22 compared to the $36 price those seats have on the secondary market.

World Series replica ring day is just another stellar promotional event in a long line of sweet offers the Yankees have made available to fans so far in 2015. New York has already given away Yankees Fatheads, collectible trucks, player bobbleheads, and have a litany of promotional giveaways left on the schedule for later in the year. Few beat the offering on July 19, though, as tens of thousands of young fans can have their dreams come true with their own rendition of one of New York’s many championships.

Fans don’t really need a special promotional day to take in their beloved Yankees, who have already won 39 games and are neck-and-neck with the Rays, Orioles, and Blue Jays for the top spot in the AL East division. New York sports one of the most potent offenses in the entire league, thanks to a career revival by Alex Rodriguez (15 home runs), and big-time power provided from fellow veteran Mark Teixeira (18 home runs). New York’s blemish has been their inconsistent starting pitching, though they are getting mostly steady work at least from the likes of Michael Pineda and the surprising Adam Warren. Fortunately for the Bronx Bombers, they’re also getting Ivan Nova back from injury, and he’s someone who could be a big help on the pitching staff as the season continues.

If they can somehow propel past the rest of the competition in the division, the Yankees might have enough ammo to make a World Series run, and therefore pave the way for another future World Series replica ring day. You won’t want to miss this one, however.

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