St. Louis Cardinals Fire Scouting Director Amid Hacking Scandal

According to lawyers for the St. Louis Cardinals, the team has terminated the services of Chris Correa, who was their scouting director. This move comes after a FBI investigation into whether or not the Cardinals hacked into the Houston Astros computer system.

James G. Martin, a lawyer for the team, declined to comment on the reasons for the moves or details of the internal investigation. Martin said that the Cardinals were continuing to investigate and declined comment when asked if any employees have admitted to hacking into the Astros system.

Correa and his lawyers declined to comment, according to the St Louis Post Dispatch.

Correa has allegedly admitted to hacking the Houston system, although he contends that was only to verify that the Astros didn’t steal any information from the Cardinals.

In 2011, then Cardinals director of amateur scouting and farm director Jeff Luhnow left the team to become the Houston general manager. Luhnow built a system for the Cardinals to make it easier to evaluate players involved in trades, free agency, or the draft.

When Luhnow went to the Astros, he built a similar system, and this system led to claims from the Cardinals that he had stolen their intel for use in the Houston system.

The New York Times first reported the FBI investigation in June, at which time Correa was placed on an “imposed leave of absence.”

In 2009, Correa left a Ph. D. program at the University of Michigan to work on a contract basis with Luhnow. He later joined the front office full-time, and was promoted to manager of baseball development in 2012, shortly after Luhnow left.

This past winter, Correa was again promoted, this time to director of amateur scouting, and was given control over the teams draft strategy. Last month, he oversaw his first draft in his new position, and was involved in signing draft picks.

Since the draft, the Cardinals have signed their top 11 picks, spending almost $7.2 million for them.

There is no word yet on who will replace Correa, or the ongoing investigations. Stay with Baseball Essential for the latest with this situation.

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