What do Yasiel Puig, Hyun-jin Ryu, Yasmani Grandal, and Yimi Garcia have in common? Okay, they are all Los Angeles Dodgers, and they’re all from outside the United States. Let’s throw in Joc Pederson, Paco Rodriguez, and Kenley Jansen. And then I’ll tell you that J.P. Howell almost made the list. Give up?

Those six (almost seven — thanks a lot, J.P. Arencibia!) current Dodgers are the only players in baseball history to have their respective first names.

Now that your appetite for name-related useless information has been whetted, here are some more interesting tidbits:

Perhaps this will be the first in a longer series of articles about names, because there are countless nuggets available in the annals of baseball history. I’d love to hear your favorite name-related baseball gems in the comments below!

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