Evaluating Each Big Name Trade Candidate

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America


Yasiel Puig, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers, 24 years old

2015 stats: .294/.382/.471, 3 HR, 10 RBI (32 games)

Puig’s name being on this list can be attributed to the recent reports that the dynamic outfielder is not well-liked around the team and that trading him would be “addition by subtraction.” It’s hard to see the Dodgers making this type of move, especially since Puig is a good player and it would be tough to replace him, but if he truly is rubbing people the wrong way and making for a dysfunctional locker room then maybe the Dodgers will try to move the former All-Star. Maybe they’ll ship him to Cincinnati for Johnny Cueto.

Potential suitors: Practically every team in baseball.

Puig’s an exciting talent, and he is only 24 with a very reasonable deal. The Dodgers would probably have to hook up extra phone lines if they did put Puig on the block. Of course, the fact of how young he is could play a factor on what the Dodgers want to do too. They might believe that their outfielder just needs to mature and then everything will be fine and everyone will play nice. If they don’t believe that, Puig will be a very hot commodity and could net the Dodgers a haul to add to their already stacked farm system.

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