Brock Holt: The American All-Star

The 2015 All-Star reserves were announced on Monday night and probably the biggest surprise of the night was Brock Holt of the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have been a disappointment, so far, this season but every team has to have an All-Star like it or not. Xander Bogaerts was probably the popular pick to represent the Sox but Ned Yost, the American League manager, had different ideas.

Yost talked about Brock Holt with the Baseball Tonight crew on ESPN and loved Holt’s ability to play multiple positions. The AL has starters and reserves at every position and then Holt coming off the bench to fill in wherever he is asked.

While you probably can’t pick Brock Holt out of a lineup or maybe you’ve never even heard his name, he definitely deserves a spot on the AL squad. He isn’t a superstar or a big name, but he goes about his business, never complains, and just hits.

Holt is hitting .295 in 66 games while playing seven different positions this season. The only positions at which he hasn’t started are catcher and pitcher. This is why he is so valuable to Yost. Even though the All-Star Game determines home field for the World Series, managers always try to get as many people on the field as possible. This is where Holt comes in, let’s say Yost decides to replace Alcides Escobar at SS in the third inning. Holt can replace Escobar and when Yost is ready to replace Mark Teixeira who replaced Albert Pujols, he can move Holt to first base with no worries. Yost will have Jose Iglesias to replace Holt at shortstop. That probably won’t be how it happens but that is the advantage to having a guy who can play anywhere on the field.

Xander Bogaerts still has a chance to make the team in the Final Ballot vote against other hopefuls Mike Moustakas, Yoenis Cespedes, Brian Dozier and Brett Gardner. Ned Yost while getting four Kansas City Royals voted in as starters selected this team to get hits, maybe drop a homer or two and win it with the bullpen. The AL has seven relievers on the team so Yost can work matchups late in the game if need be. The National League only has five relievers.

While it’ll be fun to watch Mike Trout, Kris Bryant or Joc Pederson possibly hit a homer in the game. The thing that will put a huge smile on my face is if Brock Holt does something to decide the game and wins the All-Star Game MVP.

If I haven’t convinced you to root for Brock Holt yet, his middle name is Wyatt and he is from Texas. It doesn’t get much more American than that!

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