Power Rankings: All-Star Break and Midseason Awards

Happy Monday, sports fans! We are already to the All-Star break and it seems like this season is just zooming by. This is a special edition of power rankings this week, as there will be a few things different from normal. First is that I have added in an “initial ranking” for this week. This “initial ranking” represents where I had a specific team ranked on May 4th (my inaugural power ranking this year). Next, instead of hitters and pitchers of the week, I will award the best hitters and pitchers on each team over the entire season thus far. Lastly, instead of just having a league wide HotW and league wide PotW, I will hand out awards for my NL and AL MVPs, Cy Youngs, and Rookies of the Year. Remember, however, that these awards are not predictions for the end of the year, they are awarded to the best players thus far.

Well we have a lot to get to this week so what do you say we get started?

So without further ado:

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