Power Rankings: All-Star Break and Midseason Awards


National League

MVP: OF Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals)

.339/.464/.704—94 H—59 R—26 HR—61 RBI—63 BB—1.168 OPS5.7 WAR

Cy Young: SP Zack Greinke (Los Angeles Dodgers)

8-2—1.39 ERA—106 K—.191 AVG—0.84 WHIP—.276 SLG.507 OPS—3.2 WAR

Rookie of the Year: 3B Kris Bryant (Chicago Cubs)

.269/.376/.472—77 H—47 R—12 HR—51 RBI—46 BB—8 SB—.848 OPS—3.5 WAR

BOLD= NL Leader (NL Rookie leader for ROY)

*Statistical leaders are including all qualified players (Rookies must have played at least 30 games)

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