Todd Frazier takes the Home Run Derby Crown

After nearly three hours of baseballs being blasted into the bleachers, the hometown guy came away with the trophy.

Major League Baseball changed the format this year to a bracket with a four-minute limit in each round plus a thirty second bonus round that, it turned out, every hitter earned for hitting at least one home run of 425 feet or more. There were eight contestants and not many pitches taken or down time, which led to an overall miraculous event.


Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Cincinnati Reds third basemen Todd Frazier looked likely to come up short in round one after Prince Fielder hit 13 home runs, but Frazier passed him up with thirty seconds left, and later beat Josh Donaldson after a slow start to advance to the final round.

After beating Manny Machado relatively easily in the first round, Joc Pederson narrowly defeated Albert Pujols to advance to the finals.

The Dodgers’ rookie Pederson hit 14 to start off the deciding round, but he was topped by the hometown slugger Frazier in the bonus round. The crowd was with Frazier all night and booed every opponent’s shortcomings.

Here was Frazier’s winning home run. The crowd was something else:

Frazier gave Chris Cotillo of SB Nation a great quote after the game:

After years of dull, abysmal Derbies, Major League Baseball finally got it right. They found the right recipe to make the Home Run Derby interesting and entertaining again.

Don’t miss the All Star game Tuesday night in Cincinnati at 8 PM ET.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Rob Carr/Getty Images

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