A Yankee Fan’s Plea

Dear Mr. Cashman,

As July rolls on and the New York Yankees continue to find themselves atop the AL East, the inevitable conversation that you and the rest of the front office will have is what trades should we make. Johnny Cueto and Cole Hamels are two ace-type arms the team has been connected to. Obviously, adding one of those impact arms could change the face of a pennant race. While the offense has been fantastic this season, the pitching has struggled. The starters in particular have been bad, pitching to the ninth-worst ERA in baseball. However, I think that there is no need to add one of these top flight arms, not at the cost of the prospects of the future. The team’s starter FIP ranks eleventh best in the league, which suggests that this staff is due to improve in the second half. The root of this plea and what I am begging of you as a young Yankees fan who fell in love with the game of baseball watching the dynasty, is do not trade the future.

I know that the Yankee way is to play to win now and do everything possible to win now even if that forsakes a bright future. The number of prospects who were traded in order to improves the team’s chances of winning a World Series are too many to even count in my lifetime. This year, with this team do not trade away the future. This team has a bright future. Michael Pineda, Masahiro Tanaka, Nathan Eovaldi, and Ivan Nova build the foundation of what has the potential to be an above-average rotation for the next few seasons. Top prospect Luis Severino has been running through the minor leagues so far this season and looks like he can be an impact arm in the years to come. On the offensive side, there are definitely more future question marks but there is reason to be optimistic, as Rob Refsnyder and Didi Gregorius have the looks of a solid middle infield of the future. However, the prospect that excites me the most is Aaron Judge. The massive outfielder is the prospect I’ve been waiting a long time for. As a fan, I cannot think of a time when I was this excited about a prospect.

These recent Yankee teams have been built on older free agent signings mixed in with a few young budding stars such as Robinson Cano and Brett Gardner. This current team is not different and no matter the trade you make this team is not built to win a championship this season. In case you forgot, the Yankees Dynasty was built from within, with the stars of the team being Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, and of course Derek Jeter. While a batch of young players like that does not come around often, the Giants and Royals proved last season that building from within can win you a World Series.

The Yankees have a bright bright future with a number of young impact players who could help to build a championship roster. I beg of you as a fan who is passionate about all thing Yankee baseball, please do not trade away the team’s future.


Paul Mammino

(Avid Yankee Fan)

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