Report: Brewers “willing to trade” Carlos Gomez

The trade deadline is just two weeks away and the hot stove continues to sizzle. For a while everyone has expected the Milwaukee Brewers to sell some of their pieces at the deadline due to their dreadful season so far. Tne of their most coveted pieces is center fielder Carlos Gomez. They are now “willing to trade” Gomez at the deadline for a reasonable package as reported by Jon Heyman of CBSSports.

Gomez is signed through 2016 and is making $8MM this season and is set to collect $9MM next season. For a market that has seen rapid inflation, that is a very reasonable contract for any team to take on. The young center fielder is a very dynamic player. He shown great defense as he has robbed a number of home runs away from opposing batters and possesses a solid bat on his shoulders. He is having a bit of a down year as he is hitting only .273/.322/.450 with a .772 OPS but would be an upgrade to many contending teams’ rosters.

The Brewers would be looking for a sizable package for the center fielder as him being under a reasonably-priced contract through 2016 only makes his market value that much more appealing to a number of clubs. The Brewers would no doubt want a glut of prospects whom are close to or are major league-ready at this very moment.  They will most likely entertain a wide number of offers and hold out to the last minute until they either find the best deal possible or decide that the offers they receive are not good enough to entice them to part with Gomez.

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