Will the Blue Jays Be Active at the Trade Deadline This Year?

As a Toronto Blue Jays fan, things aren’t always easy. It’s no secret that baseball in Canada isn’t as big there as it is in the United States. But nevertheless, if you’re a loyal follower of the team, things haven’t exactly gone as planned since 1993 when Joe Carter hit one of the most memorable home runs in Postseason History and raised the roof off of Rogers Centre.

The Jays have not played baseball in October since 1993, and this year seems like their best chance to do so.

But there’s one problem. The team’s general manager, Alex Anthopoulos, has historically been reluctant to make huge trades and usually likes to stay quiet, especially at the trade deadline. The big reason why he’s usually timid at these times is for the fact that with the Blue Jays, he has no real experience in acquiring players at the end of July to help with the push to the playoffs. They’ve never been in that position.

But, this seems like the year he may gain that experience.

The Blue Jays have a glaring need across their pitching staff as a whole. They rank 23rd in team-ERA and for the bullpen, they rank 17th in ERA. Their offense should go untouched due to the fact that they are ranked first in runs scored and have one of the most vicious and deadly lineups in the game.

A lot of rumors have surrounded the Blue Jays regarding whether or not they will pursue deadline hot-commodity Johnny Cueto from the Cincinnati Reds. There’s also question whether or not they will also go after Cole Hamels as well. They would have the assets to get these players if they really wanted to push for them.

But, since the Blue Jays aren’t a “top destination” for players and they don’t have a huge history of jaw-dropping trades, they are reportedly going after Mike Fiers, a smaller market-type pitcher. Fiers has posted up a 5-7 record with a 3.79 ERA for the Milwaukee Brewers. Are these numbers impressive? No, but they sure are good enough to help out the Jays starting rotation.

Also, they wouldn’t have to give up as much for Fiers so therefore, they could still go out and make big waves, whether its for Hamels, Cueto or someone else, prior to the July 31st deadline.

The only real reason that the Blue Jays are in true postseason contention at 47-47 is due to how dull the AL East has been this year. They are in 4th place, 4.5 games back of the 50-win New York Yankees. With improved pitching and the continuous stellar offense, the Blue Jays will undoubtedly be in contention for their first postseason appearance since 1993.

The only way for this to take place is Anthopoulos pulling the trigger. Can he do it? We”ll just have to wait and see. Start praying Blue Jays fans.

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