Could Chase Utley become a Yankee?

Chase Utley is most likely not going to be a Phillie next season. He could get moved as early as the trade deadline this season, or get moved sometime during the offseason. Utley, who has spent all 13 years of his career in Philadelphia, is struggling this year, hitting a measly .179 with 4 home runs and 25 RBI’s. With Utley up for trade, the best spot he could land would be in the Bronx.

The Philadelphia Phillies currently own the worst record in baseball at 32-62. They are the only team whose winning percentage is below .400, and are the only 60 loss team. This rough season could mean major names in Philadelphia could move. They already traded Jimmy Rollins away last year, and stars like Jonathan Papelbon, Cole Hamels, and Utley have been tossed around as the next to go. The Phillies desperately need to rebuild, and these trades could help them land some young prospects.

The New York Yankees have the money, as well as a few prospects that the Phillies could be interested in. This would be a win-win for both teams if a deal is struck that sends Utley to New York. Utley’s offensive numbers would skyrocket if he comes to the Bronx, sort of like Curtis Granderson when he was acquired. The home runs and RBI’s would jump up, due to the short porch in right that lefties love, as well as his batting average. While Utley might not hit around .300 again, a .250 average, 25 home runs and 75 RBI’s would be ideal and certainly be a step up from current second baseman Stephen Drew. Drew is hitting .181 this year with 12 home runs and 25 RBI’s. While he has a lot more home runs than Utley, the production is about the same, with both of them sitting at 25 RBI’s on the year. But the leadership and experience Utley would bring to this Yankees team is something that Drew cannot match.

While it would kill some Phillies fans to see another beloved player traded away to another superstar, they could see their team being playoff contenders again in a year or so. With their current roster, the Phillies are going to be struggling for a while. They need to clean house and get some new and younger faces to help turn this team around. Its going to be interesting to see just where Utley eventually lands, but seeing him in pinstripes would be the Phillies best interest.

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