Report: Cubs trying for Cole Hamels; Offering Starlin Castro, Javier Baez

The Chicago Cubs have shown interest in Cole Hamels and have recently scouted him, as I wrote for Baseball Essential, but do the two teams have what it takes to complete a deal?

With their deep farm system, the Cubs are well positioned to make a run at Hamels. The Cubs, however, prefer not to trade those young, talented players, since they plan to build around them.

In trade talks with the Phillies, the Cubs have floated both Javier Baez and Starlin Castro, rival teams tell Jayson Stark of, but the Phillies “appear no more than lukewarm about either of them.” It’s hard to imagine both being included in a deal, though.

The Cubs, as one exec noted, are likely in the market for players signed through this season and are unlikely to be interested in acquiring a couple month rental, so Hamels fits what they are looking for.

If the Cubs do in fact acquire Hamels, it would give them a trio at the top of the rotation of Hamels, Jon Lester and Jake Arrieta. With that pitching, combined with their talented young corps of hitters, it would make them a tough out in the playoffs.

Nothing is close, but it’s clear that we should be keeping an eye on the Cubs in the Hamels sweepstakes. Less than nine days to go. Who’s ready?

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6 Responses

  1. Ed Kline

    “It’s hard to imagine both being included in a deal, though.”
    I can’t imagine why, so far Castro is a below average short stop, and Baez looks horrible. The only reason the both shouldn’t be included is that the Phillies should be getting something better than that.

    • Joshua Criddle

      I’m sure they’ll be a pitching prospect added. Remember though, Casro is a 3 time allstar and is under 26 yrs old. He’s not great defensely, but he’s usually good offensively. He’s just having a down year, and needs a change of scenery. Move him to second, and add 2 more players to the deal

      • Ed Kline

        The thing is, the best prospect ( by far) that the Phillies have is a shortstop, J.P Crawford, and our current shortstop, Freddie Galvis is actually a much better fielder at second base. Plus we have our current second baseman Ce’sar Hernandez who seems to have some potential. Middle infielders are not where the Phillies are weakest by any stretch. Our outfield is absolutely atrocious, Ryan Howard is a negative WAR player at first base, and Carlos Ruiz ( catcher) is getting really old (36) and playing like it. This deal just makes no sense for he Philles.

  2. jammin502

    I can imagine myself being very confused with both Hamels and Hammel in the rotation …

  3. Russell Smith

    Javier is going to lead the league in strikeouts every year. 213 AB 95 K’s .169 BA, really. We’re trying to get rid of Ryan Howard not find someone who is worse. Castro is almost the same player as Cesar Hernandez but I give the “slight” edge to Castro. This would be a horrible trade.

  4. Joseph Sarao

    How about matt suzer. Local boy who can hit at major league level and can play out field. Along with 2 good prospects. Hammels is done in philly sorry to say. Let the kid go win some were else. He deserves it


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