If Tulowitzki Went to the Mets, Would They Win the NL East?

The idea of the New York Mets getting Troy Tulowitzki has plagued baseball fans’ minds more than any Cole Hamels rumors, Pete Rose reinstatement debates, and hell, even anything-to-do-with the Kardashians. Mets’ fans have had hopes at all-time highs for a blockbuster trade all season.

Colorado Rockies fans as well.

The thought of what the Rockies would get in return for their superstar is almost too big to imagine. They could get a whole new pitching rotation of top-prospects for Tulo.

But, the interesting story right now is what would happen if the star shortstop were to head to the Big Apple. The topic has taken a back seat to others that are more hot on the stove such as players like Hamels, Johnny Cueto and David Price–all pitchers.

With Tulowitzki the Mets would have their infield for the most part locked down. If David Wright does ever come back, he would be at third while Tulowitzki would man the middle along with Daniel Murphy at second. Lucas Duda would play first. If Wright does not come back in the near future, then things would look much different, but that’s another story.

The Mets would undoubtedly be better with Tulo, but how good would they be?

As things stand, they are second in the NL East and only 2.0 games behind the first place Washington Nationals with 51 wins. Their combined batting average at shortstop (between Ruben Tejada and Wilmer Flores) is .255 with 12 home runs and an OBP of .296. Those numbers aren’t bad, but they’re not staggering.

Would Tulowitzki be an upgrade?

Absolutely. He’s batting an impressive .305 with 12 home runs and 52 RBIs with an OBP of .353. His numbers are much better, and he’s a career .299 hitter–and that includes many injury-plagued years. Tulo may in fact be one of the top-five hitters, and fielders, in the MLB, and is all-around the best shortstop as well.

If the Mets were to get Tulo in their lineup, even almost everyday, the pop out of that middle of the order would be insurmountable–even without Wright. Duda, Murphy, Curtis Granderson, Kelly Johnson, Michael Cuddyer and Tulo would makeup most of the lineup.


They would at least get to the Wild Card with that group, but would they leap-frog the Nationals for first place?

With the way things are going in the nation’s capital, yes, they would. Along with a great young staff, if the Mets didn’t take over first this year, they certainly would next year.

The Nationals have consistently high expectations and they seem to fail in meeting them every year. However, with the addition of Tulo, so would the Mets’. The question is can they meet them?

It’s hard to tell now.

One disclaimer Mets’ fans — keep your expectations low. You’ve got to get him first.

But if you want to dream big, go for it.

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