Justin Turner Overdrive

I’m going to lay down some stats for you and I want you to try and guess who is putting these numbers up. How about this slash line .323 AVG, .387 OBP, .409 wOBA? Is it Ian Kinsler? Josh Reddick? Maybe Mike Moustakas?

Now, attentive observers might have noticed by now that I haven’t mentioned the player located in the title of this article. If you are one of those conscientious readers and perhaps guessed Justin Turner, you would be correct. Turner has been not only a quality player over the last two seasons, but one worthy of being in the vast majority of MLB starting lineups. Currently, he ranks in the top 25 in WAR for offensive players. Above the likes of the previously listed Kinsler, Reddick and Moustakas.
One thing that perhaps has been giving commentators qualms is his high BABIP. In 2014 he held a .404 BABIP in 109 games. This season through 87 games he has hit .352. For reference the league average generally hovers around .300. Matt Goldman in Beyond the Box Score explicitly said as such before the season: “it’s very difficult to find evidence that Turner has suddenly, in his age 29 season no less, turned into the premier super-utility player in today’s game.” Though we’ve seen an expected regression in his BABIP, Turner is still looking like just what Goldman doubted him as, “the premier super-utility player”.
Whether Turner can continue his dominance at the plate is merely conjecture, as are all prognostications. What cannot be disputed though is that Turner’s prowess has continued into this season. He has even been producing better power numbers, hitting six more home runs in 40 less plate appearances.

Plus, as if any more evidence was needed, he has what TMZ has described as a “mega-pimple”, requiring a hospital visit. How cool is that?

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