Why the “trade and win now” mindset doesn’t work

Many big names around Major League Baseball were moved prior to the trade deadline on July 31. Teams believe they have acquired the players they need in order to make a playoff push and try and make the World Series. One of those teams, the Toronto Blue Jays, acquired two of the games biggest names and best talents, Troy Tulowitzki and David Price. The Blue Jays, who currently sit in third place in the AL East, hope these trades will push them into the playoffs for the first time in 22 years.

The Blue Jays add to their already impressive lineup with the addition of Tulo. The left side of the Jays’ infield, Tulo and Josh Donaldson, are two players whom the Jays traded for, and is arguably the best shortstop-third baseman combo in the game already. The Jays’ lineup is stacked with right-handed bats like Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, and Russell Martin. Price is already the ace of the Blue Jays staff. He is going to be a great mentor to some of the younger Blue Jay arms, as well as give them a chance to win every five days.

But the Jays weren’t the only team in the East making moves by the deadline. The New York Yankees traded for Dustin Ackley, giving up Jose Ramirez and Ramon Flores to the Seattle Mariners. This move gives the Yankees the second baseman they’ve needed, as well as another possible outfielder. The former number two overall pick will benefit from the short porch in right field, which was designed for lefties with Ackley’s swing and power. This move was a good one for the Yankees. They got a good player that fit what they were looking for.

But who will take home the AL East title at years end? I feel biased to say that they will win solely because I am a Yankees fan. I think the Yankees will win the AL East because they have the best team in the East, and are playing like the best team in the major leagues. The Yankees currently sit six games up on the Baltimore Orioles, and the O’s are a game up on Toronto. While the Jays have the best team on paper, I don’t believe they will click.

A few teams from the past have tried to trade for superstars and put themselves in a “win now” scenario. The Miami Marlins tried a few years ago when they had Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle, the Blue Jays the year after, and the Red Sox this year. As the Fish and Jays already proved, and the Sox will this year, having the best team on paper proves nothing. Trading for superstars doesn’t produce championships. Look at the 2014 season — the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals were both teams with a lot of homegrown talent, and the players they traded for were players that would best fit their needs, not the best players on the market.

A team with good chemistry is always the team that ends up on top. The Giants and Royals were teams who weren’t full of superstars, but everyone on those rosters were solid ball players and knew how to win games. Some of these superstars in trades go from a losing team to a team trying to be successful, and they can’t grasp their new role. When a superstar is surrounded by other superstars, someone has to step down and take a lesser role. Otherwise nothing will work, and the team will falter. That’s what I believe will happen to the Blue Jays. They’ve collected all of these great players, and it might not work. They wont make the playoffs in 2015, and after they lose the players they just traded for, they will be worse off for years to come.

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  1. Tosh McIntosh

    TOTALLY wrong! Think ’92 AND ’93 for Jays and multiple WORLD SERIES wins by other organizations too many to list…Boston to beat ‘The Curse’ and most Yankee wins of the last 30 years….it’s about adding players with both talent AND strong characters and THAT is what the Jays have done….added players of impeccable character KNOWN as great clubhouse, team players, they just HAPPEN to be great players too!
    To even mention Boston this year in the same breath….sad….have you ever watched a game?

  2. hardfoul52

    Okay Nostradamus what are the next lottery numbers actually a lot the yankees knew old Nostry personally would hang together at the old ball park and give advice.
    I also hear they are building a retirement home next to Yankee stadium so the players don’t have far to walk.


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