VIDEO: Pedro Alvarez Beats The Shift In Cincinnati

Three True Outcome slugger Pedro Alvarez did his finest, today, to beat the shift put on by the Cincinnati Reds in the second inning. The solo shot for El Toro was his 15th of the season and drove in his 50th run. As you can see in the video, the pitch from David Holmberg was an 87 mph “fastball” that just hung up there where El Toro would perceive it as a 32-ounce prime rib steak.

While we all know that Great American Ballpark doesn’t suppress power hitters’ ability to stock up Souvenir City, this was still a pretty impressive shot to right center. When it finally landed, it would be 408 feet from home plate aided by an exit velocity of 107 mph.

About half way through the video, the Pittsburgh Pirates broadcasters jokingly added that, “You can put a shift on him, but you can’t play anybody out there.” Truer words may not have been spoken today.

Also of note, that is the first home run Alvarez has hit against a left-handed pitcher the entire 2015 season. Just check the spray chart, dude!

Source: FanGraphs

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