What the Yankees quiet deadline means for the rest of their season

With the trade deadline coming to a close, the New York Yankees sat quiet, with the acquisition of Dustin Ackley being their sole move. While many Yankees fans had hoped for another name, big or small, they were left disappointed when 4PM EST hit, and they had heard nothing. What does this mean for the rest of the season?

It might cause the Yankees to miss the playoffs.

The Yankees biggest need is starting pitching. No question they need another pitcher to help their ailing rotation. With Michael Pineda going on the 15-day DL, which, knowing him will last much longer than 15 days, Bryan Mitchell assumes the fifth spot. Mitchell has only 20 career innings over the last two years, with one career start back in 2014.

While Mitchell isn’t terrible, the Yankees are expected to call up super prospect Luis Severino soon, and he will make his Major League debut sometime in the next week. While they could have called up Severino, they also could have traded for another starting pitcher. While David Price would have been out of range, a Mike Leake or Cole Hamels would have been a reasonable thought. There wasn’t really much noise made from the Yankees front office to go after a starter before the deadline is up.

The only pitcher the Yankees were heavily pursuing was Craig Kimbrel, and if they landed him their bullpen would have been lights out. Talks eventually fell through, and the Yankees were left with nothing besides Ackley. And I’m not bashing Ackley — he can basically play anywhere in the field, is a great player and will help with the offensive side of things for the Bombers. But the Yankees could have used at least one more player. An arm would have helped, but another bat to this explosive offense would have been splendid.

After watching the Blue Jays basically trade for everyone this week, the Yankees had to have felt a little pressure. While they tried to remain cool and collected, the Jays were making moves left and right. Brian Cashman certainly knows what he’s doing. While he didn’t try and match the Jays and force a bad trade, which I commend him for, he could have picked up someone else. This lack of starting pitching can and probably will come back to hurt the Yankees. C.C. Sabathia has not been reliable this year, Masahiro Tanaka and Nathan Eovaldi have been nasty at times this year, and Ivan Nova has been shaky. With no real fifth starter for a while, Severino is going to have to step up. While he is dealing in AAA this year, his major league success is still uncertain.

If Severino doesn’t produce, then the Yankees postseason hopes are slim. While their offense has been hot recently, it will eventually cool down. All great teams are built around starting pitching, and with this team banking on one prospect to deliver and save this team is plain crazy. Hopefully Severino deals in the bigs, and the Yankees not only win the East, but provide the rest of baseball with a 28th ring to kiss following the World Series.

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