VIDEO: 12-year-old hits moving car with home run

In today’s world, there is always some parent who boasts that their son is going to be the next major-league superstar, but 12-year-old Chris Bernal of Texas did something that most kids have never done, and will never do. He hit a moving car with a home run ball during a game.

As weird as this sounds, it really happened during the National Youth Baseball Championships in New York. After winning the home run derby on Friday, Bernal went yard on Saturday during play, and ended up hitting a car that was backing out of a parking space.

The full video can be seen here, courtesy of, but the best part is the reaction of the person whose car got hit. He looked more excited than mad that his car just got a broken window.

This is a feat that even Bryce Harper or one of the other Major League Baseball power hitters would be proud of. According to legends, Harper himself hit a home run in high school that cleared a five lane highway. While there is no video of that, it is still a feat to be proud of, if it’s true.

Only time will tell if Chris Bernal will join Harper in the Major Leagues, but for now, he can enjoy knowing that he’s got one up on one of the league’s brightest young superstars. Keep an eye out for Bernal in a few years, but for now, just enjoy his windshield busting power.

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