Blue Jays’ Aaron Sanchez and John Gibbons Handed Down Suspensions

In wake of the hit-by-pitch fiasco and the benches clearing in Sunday’s Blue Jays-Royals game, Toronto pitcher Aaron Sanchez and manager John Gibbons have been suspended by Major League Baseball for their actions.

Sanchez was given three games, while Gibbons was handed a one-game ban. The manager will serve his Tuesday night versus Minnesota while Sanchez will appeal and is available until a decision on his appeal is reached.

Gibbons was ejected earlier in the ballgame, but came back onto the field when the benches cleared which is a big reason for his ban.

It all came about when Sanchez hit Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar with a pitch after Royals pitchers had thrown pitches up and in and even hit Josh Donaldson. The “throwing at” was deemed intentional which is the reason for Sanchez’s undisclosed fine to go along with the suspension.

It may come as a surprise to some that no Royals players received a suspension, because there were some very vocal guys expressing their opinions as well. Edinson Volquez was one of these players who said that Josh Donaldson was “a little baby.”

In addition to Volquez, fellow starting pitcher Yordano Ventura called Jose Bautista a “nobody.” He later apologized and deleted the tweets.

Bautista also said he lost respect for Royals manager Ned Yost following the comments that Yost made postgame on Sunday.

These are two teams vying for the postseason and emotions were definitely running high in last weekend’s important series.

It is very curious as to why Aaron Sanchez was the only pitcher that received a ban even though the pitch by Volquez that hit Donaldson looked to be “more intentional” than Sanchez’s, but that is sometimes just how it goes. The appeal process will be very interesting.

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