Robotic umps will be the death of baseball

With instant replay taking over baseball, many experts and fans believe that human umps will soon be a thing of the past. With the advancement of technology, instant replay has reversed some of the human errors that the umpires make. But, some baseball fans want the MLB to push to make every call correct, and robotic umpires might not be far away.

With so many changes coming so quickly for baseball, it seems as if there is only more change coming in the near future. With rule changes, such as the outlawing of home plate collisions, instant replay and measures to speed up the pace of play, it seems as anything and everything can change. The new thing that fans and baseball experts are predicting will change is human umpires will be replaced by computers and robots soon. Taking the human umpire out of baseball will completely kill the game, and can untimely lead to the fall of the game we all know and love. By replacing human umpires, it will take the human element out of the game, and turn the game itself robotic.

Now, before you bash me or say that I “like umps making bad calls,” hear me out. As a ballplayer myself, I despise when umps make bad calls or blow a call, but it is part of the game and you have to deal with it. If you blame an umpire for costing you a game, then you’re just making excuses. The umpires in the big leagues are the best in the world, and they make the right call 99% of the time.

One of the things that have made baseball great over the years is the human element the umpires have brought to the game. While missed calls are unfortunate, they are part of the game, and umpires are doing the best they can. By removing the umpires, you are removing the emotion, the heart, and the passion that teams and players play with. Hitters and pitchers will have to deal with the face that everything said is correct, and that arguing against it is pointless. It will take the fire out of some players, and I can guarantee that the game will begin to go south. Players will begin to go through the motions instead of competing and playing hard.

Not only will robotic umpires take the passion out of players, but also it has its many flaws. What if the technology fails during the game? Let’s say that the computer or software breaks during the game and cannot be used anymore, then what? You can’t finish a game. Also, what if someone is able to hack the technology and make calls from the stands? Not only would teams probably hire techs to hack the software to alter it in their favor, but a decent hacker could easily break into the system and call the game themselves. This would be horrible for baseball.

For the people saying that these robotic umps will make the right call all the time, then why don’t we just throw robotic players out there? Turn the players into robots so everything is perfect, and there is no more errors, or stuff like that. Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous? Now you know how crazy these robot umps sound to me, and thousands of fans like me.

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