VIDEO: Tigers Scuffle in the Dugout

The Detroit Tigers showed a little bit of fire during their 7-2 loss against the Boston Red Sox at Comerica Park on Friday night. Tigers’ catcher James McCann and shortstop Jose Iglesias had it out in the dugout in the middle of the sixth inning. It seemed as if McCann was questioning Iglesias’ effort in the field on a play where he thought Iglesias should have made a diving attempt. McCann approached Iglesias right after the inning and started pointing out toward the shortstop position. This angered Iglesias who went and pushed McCann. McCann started to walk away and Iglesias fired his glove at James and then both stayed on seperate ends of the dugout after Nick Castellanos held Jose back. Anthony Gose then walked up behind Iglesias and grabbed the back of his jersey and yelled at him until Alfredo Simon took him away.

Watch the roughhouse below


The Tigers most recently had an on-field incident in 2011 when Victor Martinez and Brad Penny argued on the mound, and in 2010 when Gerald Laird and Armando Galarraga exchanged shoves. This type of thing happens in the dugout from time to time, but usually it happens behind closed doors, according to Tigers’ manager Brad Ausmus, who compared it to fighting a sibling. The only thing Ausmus had a problem with was the fact that it wasn’t handled behind closed doors. Jose Iglesias refused to talk about the incident. “I think it shows that they care. They care about winning and losing is the most important thing. I mean, this is — it’s not like this is uncommon. You don’t see it all the time on TV cameras. But it’s not uncommon on any sports team that guys disagree,” said Ausmus. McCann also talked about the incident and said, “I’ll cut it off here. It’s an in-house subject and we got it taken care of, Jose and I are both rooting for each other and we’re both rooting for each other as the game went on.” Alex Avila told reporters that, “What’s said in the dugout, what’s talked about in here is not going to be talked about with you guys. It’s just the way it is.” Nick Castellanos, who broke the fight up simply said, “It’s handled. It’s done with.” Ausmus also added, “I didn’t notice any effort problems. I didn’t notice anything at all.” on Iglesias effort. The play in question which can be seen here:

The play is iffy, Iglesias probably knows his range and didn’t think he could get to it, but McCann probably wanted him to dive. It seems as if the Tigers collectively told the press that it’s over. so it seems like we can all move on now. Quotes used in article courtesy of Tigers beat writers Chris Iott, Chris McCosky, and Matthew B. Mowery.

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