Just Spitballin’ Episode 10: Matt Stoltz is Biking for Baseball

In this episode, we talked with Matt Stoltz, who has been riding his bike since Opening Day in Seattle on April 6. He has since gone to games in 22 additional stadiums (including two more since the interview was conducted), and he will wrap things up on October 3 with his hometown Milwaukee Brewers. We talked with Matt about why he’s doing it, the challenges he has faced along the way, and plenty of other topics.

Josh was absent for the interview, but he was present for the rest of the podcast, albeit slightly inebriated. He referred to Craig Kimbrel as Drew Storen and Tim Salmon as Randy Salmon, and we had to edit out at least one inappropriate joke he made.

Jeff was perfectly sober, but we had to edit out an inappropriate joke on his part, too.

Enjoy episode 10, and go to www.bikingforbaseball.org to follow Matt’s progress or to donate to his cause.

Thanks for listening!

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