Curtis Granderson Is Having a Very Productive Season

With all of the hype surrounding the New York Mets and their array of young pitchers, Curtis Granderson is putting together a nice underrated season.

After a somewhat sub-par first year with the Mets, Granderson has found his stroke that made him a household name when he was with the Tigers and Yankees. In 2014, he notched a .227 batting average, 20 home runs, 66 runs batted in, with a .714 OPS. However this year, he’s hitting .255, 20 home runs, 49 runs batted in, and a .798 OPS.255

Now people might say that his batting average isn’t so good, however he’s always been  a lifetime .257 hitter. And the fact that on Thursday afternoon he tied his 2014 home run mark with 20 and it’s only two weeks into August.

In December 2013, Granderson signed a four-year contract worth $60 million. The Mets didn’t expect him to hit 40+ home runs like he did in Detroit or the Bronx. If Granderson hits 25-30+ home runs for the rest of his contract, he will be a valued member for this Mets team in the coming years.

With how well the pitching staff has been, it’s easy for people to overlook the offense. And for most of the year, the offense has been anemic. Building off a strong first half, and adding some key offensive pieces should help Granderson continue his great bounce-back year.

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