Jose Reyes Drawing Some Interest After Clearing Waivers

According to MLB Network insider Jon Heyman, Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes has some teams “poking around” on him after clearing waivers. Just a few weeks back Reyes was dealt from Toronto to Colorado, but with where the Rockies currently are as a franchise, it seems both sides don’t match up too well. Since Jose has now fully cleared waivers, he can be traded to any team across the league. The Yankees have been linked to Reyes a bit as of late, but it isn’t know if their interest is legitimate or not.

It’s been a tough year for the former All-Star who has once again dealt with injuries and inconsistency. Across 82 games this year, Reyes has posted a lackluster.274 batting average with a .310 OBP. On top of his offensive struggles, Jose has also been underperforming defensively at shortstop. It seems a lot of the tools that once made him such an impact player early in his career, have begun to regress a bit as of late. Shortstops have been known to have a short lifespan in professional baseball, due to the wear and tear they face on a regular basis. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Jose was the next guy to hit that kind of wall in his career, especially when you see how hard he plays the game day in and day out.

The contract Jose is currently signed to, isn’t doing him any favors in terms of getting dealt either. He is signed for $44 million over the next two seasons, with a team option for 2018 that includes a buyout worth around $4 million. A contract that size isn’t something that can easily be moved, especially when there is so many question marks involved. Very few teams can take on that kind of money so suddenly, even with playoff dreams in mind.

Jose mentioned just last week how he’s feeling about where he is at in his career, saying “At this point, I just want to win.”. Being with the Rockies right now doesn’t fulfill that want in the slightest. Moving to a contender could possibly revive Reyes a bit, who left Toronto right before they started this insane run they’re currently on. New York is a familiar place for the shortstop, who had the best years of his career as a New York Met. With the Yankees needing a spark during their race to the playoffs, Reyes could be a good fit. He is a high energy guy who has shown the ability to put a team on his back during different stretches.

Didi Gregorius has done well at shortstop for the Yankees, especially as of late, making an impact at the plate and on defense. The problem has been at second base, where there has been almost no production this season. Stephen Drew, Brendan Ryan, and even a healthy Dustin Ackley aren’t going to be good enough come October to hold that position down. Early in Jose’s career, he played second base for the Mets while Kaz Matsui held down shortstop. There has been speculation that if the Yankees did acquire Reyes, he would shift to second base where he may be a bit more productive at this point in his career. Not to mention, it would give the Yankees a bit of a safety net if Didi begins to falter before the end of the season.

Moving Reyes could help out the Rockies a bit as well, with top prospect Trevor Story getting pretty close to the big leagues. The left side of the infield for the Colorado Rockies could have a very bright future if Story can translate his tools successfully. Another young stud that can make an everyday impact for the Rockies would be huge. It would make losing a franchise guy like Troy Tulowitzki a little bit easier, especially during a time when the team is not quite ready to contend in the NL West.




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