MLB Announces Joint Domestic Violence Policy

Domestic violence issues have been a big part of the sports world, especially in the NFL, but Friday, the MLB took a step in the right direction by implementing their own new policy. This new policy covers domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse issues.

This policy is jointly agreed upon with the MLB and the Players Union. The policy has a dual treatment and intervention program along with a disciplinary program.

For the treatment and intervention part, it will include the creation of a Joint Policy Board which will evaluate and supervise the player if treatment is needed. If no treatment is needed, there will be discipline in place.

There will be no minimum or maximum penalty if disciplinary action is taken. The Commissioner, however, can issue the discipline that he thinks is right for the crime committed. It is basically a case-by-case basis for the specific penalty.

Whatever happens in the court system (guilty or not) has no bearing on the penalty handed down. In addition, the team cannot discipline a player unless the Commissioner gives them the authority to do so.

If a player wants to appeal, they will do so to an arbitration panel. Past discipline, if there is any, cannot be used as a basis of appeal.

There hasn’t really been any issues thus far in baseball in terms of domestic violence issues which lets Commissioner Rob Manfred set the precedent if and when there is a new case.

Here is the full text of the policy from the MLB Communications Twitter page:

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