The 10 types of fans you’ll see at every Major League Baseball game

Millions of fans attend Major League Baseball games every season. There are many different types of fans out there, but here are the 10 fans you are guaranteed to see at every MLB game.


1) The season ticket holder


They’re at every game in the same seat, and they know everyone in the section. They’re friends with the ushers, and the vendors have it timed so they get to them the same time every game. Usually season ticket holders are great people, who share a love for baseball and their team. If you sit next to one of these guys, you will walk away having learned a thing or two about the home team.

2) The father and son


Always a great sight at the ballpark is when you see a father take his son to a baseball game. It’s a tradition amongst dads, and it’s a young boy’s dream. You’ll often find the kid asking his old man questions about the game, beginning a lifelong passion for the sport of baseball.

3) The old dude with a glove


There’s always a few scattered around the stadium. An adult at the game with his glove trying to snag a baseball. They will interfere with play, and even take a souvenir away from kids in order to get that beloved baseball.

4) The sign guy


There’s always a few of them, guys who made personal signs at home in hopes that their favorite player might see them. While some of them turn out great, it gets annoying for fans sitting behind them after a while.

5) The guy who tries to start the wave


There’s always one guy who feels the need to start the wave and disrupt everyone’s view every 30 seconds. The wave is cool every once in a while, but once it takes its 39th lap around the stadium, it needs to stop, especially when the score is close.

6) The drunk heckler


My personal favorite fan of the game, the drunken heckler usually abuses the position player of the opposing team closest to his seat. While they normally keep it clean, some hecklers have had one too many and can’t control themselves. Be sure to find the heckler at your next game, and be prepared to laugh.

7) The Superfan


The fan who’s covered from head to toe in their teams merchandise, every team has a super fan lurking around their ballpark. While they symbolize their sprit and passion for their team, they could tone it down a bit and not shove it down everyone’s throat.

8) The fan of the opponent


There’s always one brave/stupid soul who proudly walks into another team’s park rocking their teams colors. While it’s mostly not a problem, if you wear the wrong colors in the wrong park, you could find yourself in some trouble. On another note, you will also surely see the dude who pulls up to the park wearing a completely random jersey. Just because you’re going to a baseball game does not mean it’s a good idea to wear a Jose Bautista jersey to a game between the Oakland A’s and San Diego Padres, good sir!

9) The girls who text


They have no idea what’s going on in the field, and they rarely look up from their phones. They only came to this game because someone looks good in baseball pants, and so that they can rack up Instagram likes on their photo.

10) Scorekeeper


There’s nothing like keeping score at an MLB game. It’s a way to feel closer to the game, plus it’s a fun activity to see just how well your favorite team is doing. There are thousands of amateur scorekeepers at baseball games all around the country, and you’re likely to see a few when you go to a game.

Which fan are you? Any fans that you didn’t see on this list? Let me know in the comment section.

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