WATCH: Ben Revere goes Jose Canseco on a fly ball

In a move straight from the Jose Canseco playbook, Toronto Blue Jays left-fielder Ben Revere gift-wrapped a solo home run for Baltimore Orioles’ first baseman Matt Wieters in the sixth inning of last night’s 10-2 Orioles’ victory.

Revere seemed to have a bead on the ball, but he came up just short and batted the ball over the top of the fence for a home run. For Wieters, who has struggled to find his power stroke this year, the assist delivered his first home run in over a month.

Finally, something went wrong for the Blue Jays and right for the struggling Orioles. In the end, Revere’s gaffe did not affect the outcome of the game, as the Orioles ran away to a big victory, knocking around Drew Hutchison and the Toronto bullpen.

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