Kris Bryant: Baseball Player And… Lyft Driver?

This season has been a pretty exciting season for Chicago Cubs rookie Kris Bryant, who may be a favorite for National League Rookie of the Year.

He’s definitely enjoying his first year in the big leagues and we know that his manager Joe Maddon likes to keep things light and loose in the clubhouse. But, what you may not know about the All Star third baseman is that if you order a Lyft driver, you may want to give the driver a double take. Just check this out:

How exciting would that be if all of sudden you get in a car and Kris Bryant happens to be driving around? If you happen to be driving around in Chicago, you might be in for a fun surprise if you’re a baseball fan.

It’s always fun to see young guys like Kris Bryant embrace the spotlight like he has this season. Nothing seems to have been too big of a moment for him and he has also done some solid damage at the plate this season.

With this new crop of young talent that the Cubs have, this is a team that is primed to make a run this year and for many more years to come and Bryant may be the poster child for this new generation on the North Side of Chicago. They are looking to make the playoffs for the first time this decade and it looks like everything is looking up for this Cubs organization in the near future.

But, if you take a Lyft ride in Chicago, be on the lookout for the driver, because it may be Cubs All Star third baseman, Kris Bryant.

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