Minnesota Twins help fan after game gets rained out

Friday night was a rainy one in the Twin Cities, rainy enough to postpone the scheduled game between the Minnesota Twins and the Los Angeles Angels. For most fans, it was just a minor inconvenience, as they lived within driving distance of the stadium, but for Colin McLain and his daughter, it was a lot more then a minor inconvenience.

McLain and his daughter live three hours away from Target Field, and before leaving, McLain sent a tweet to Dave St. Peter, the Twins President, asking if the game would still be on. St. Peter optomistically responded that the game would be played. However, shortly after 8:00 CT, the game was postponed to Saturday, which left McLain in a bind. In most cases, when it rains, fans are S.O.L. no matter how far they have driven to come to the park, but that’s not how things work all the time in the Midwest. St. Peter remembered him, and sent this tweet with an offer that he could not refuse.

Not only did the family get a hotel room, but the Twins upgraded their tickets to behind home plate. Credit to Dave St. Peter and the Twins organization for not only paying for a hotel room, but also giving the ticket upgrade. Unfortunately for Minnesota, their good deed could not change the result on the scoreboard in the first game of today’s doubleheader. The Twins fell to the Angels 4-3 in 12 innings.

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  1. Enricopallazzo

    A little payback for Joe SixPack. Should’ve put a retractable roof on the thing


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