Padres Points: Kemp, Johnson, Decker

As the Padres enter the second half of September, the team looks to end the season on the high note. They are 69-78 and would need eight more wins to surpass their 2014 record. Achieving less than 77 wins would make this season even more disappointing and continue to raise questions of the flaws within this current roster.

One player who has finally come around is Matt Kemp. Kemp has had a fantastic second half which has given hope to the Padres fan base that he can be a middle of the order producer for years to come. Many pundits earlier this season already had said that the Dodgers were the clear winner of the trade that involved Kemp and Yasmani Grandal. While that might be true in two years down the road, Kemp has clearly outproduced him on the offensive side. This is what the Padres were aiming for the entire time.

Kemp overall has a .265/.313/.443 line and has hit .290/.346/.543 in the second half of the season with 22 HR and 97 RBI for the season. With league average being 100, he has a wRC+ of 109.
He only has a WAR of 0.5, which is far below All Star level. A lot of this comes with his defensive ability, which is below league average at best. He is -11 in defensive runs saved, which is considered to be poor.
Kemp‘s fielding will continue to get worse as he ages, but if he can produce with the bat, management would be more than happy with his offensive production. With Grandal hitting .195/.295/.239 in the second half, he still has a 2.3 WAR this season due to his solid work behind the plate.
The Padres wanted offense and have gotten that from Kemp. From the offensive prospective, they are the clear winners of the trade that sent Kemp to San Diego.
The question is if the Padres will still be the winners of the trade two years from now, when Kemp is older and Grandal will be in the prime of his career.
That answer is probably no, but the Padres better look to win in 2016 when Kemp can continue to be a presence in the middle of the lineup.
Injury Notes

Friar Moves

  • The Padres announced they’ve recalled the following players: infielder/outfielder Cody Decker, right handed pitcher Casey Kelly, left handed pitcher Robbie Erlin. Decker, who is popular among the fanbase, was called up for the first time in his major league career. Kelly and Erlin will likely make a start or two and will be contenders for a rotation spot next season.

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