Just Spitballin’ Ep. 11: Famous “Ball Hawk” Zack Hample

In Episode 11 of Just Spitballin’, we talked with Zack Hample (@zack_hample on Twitter), the “ball hawk” who caught the home run Alex Rodriguez hit for his 3,000th hit earlier this season. We talked about A-Rod’s homer and the controversy around it, as well as Zack’s more recent ball-hawking efforts, including a two-homer night in Philadelphia the night before we recorded.

Before our talk with Zack, Jeff and Josh discussed the National League Cy Young Award race that they both wrote about last week. Both agree that Zack Greinke will probably win the award by a relatively wide margin.

The interview with Zack Hample comes in around the 14:46 mark. We bounced around to quite a few topics, all of which were pretty fascinating.

At about 51:16, we played a little bit of Elvis (Presley, not Andrus) as walkup music for Josh’s wife Madeline. We talked with Madeline about ballplayer hair (Jayson Werth, Bryce Harper, Greinke, and John Jaso were mentioned by name), Kenny Chesney syndrome (guys who look really good with a hat on, then they take it off and you discover they are bald), Chris Davis shattering his bat into a shiv after being hit by a pitch, and Jimmy Nelson somehow not getting a concussion after being hit by a 108-MPH line drive.

Somewhere around the 1:01:30 mark, we jumped into Six Degrees of Kevin Stocker. Believe it or not, Jeff won handily. We may have to make up a different game that Josh is better at.

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