Josh Donaldson: Mr. Irreplaceable

A lot of big-named players traded or signed in the offseason turn out to be a bust. The list of players who teams think will make a bigger impact than the guy they just traded away or let go is endless.

Josh Donaldson is not one of those players.

There were a few Donaldson critics making themselves heard after the trade on November 29th of last year, that sent him from Oakland to Toronto. Most believed he would have trouble playing in a bigger market. Basically anywhere’s a bigger market than Oakland. But nonetheless, the critics came out to voice their opinions after the trade.

And Donaldson proved them wrong.

Currently, he has led the Toronto Blue Jays into first place after a strong first half of the season and incredible trade deadline. He is first in the American League in RBIs (120) and is third with 39 home runs. Night in and night out, it seems as though he’s coming through in the clutch. From his amazing catch in Tampa Bay to his walkoffs, it feels as though he can do anything.

He can even bring rain! (It’s his twitter handle, catch my drift).

Anyways, he’s been incredibly instrumental in the Jays’ success and will have to be in the lineup to continue doing so. He launches balls out of Rogers Center like it’s his job (because it is) and again, will need to continue doing so.

For the Blue Jays to not only make the playoffs but be successful, they will need his bat, glove, and leadership to come up huge so they can make a deep run at the World Series. Some bat-flips might help. How unlikely is it that Donaldson, who did not establish himself as a legitimate Major League player until the age of 27 is the heart and soul of a World Series contender? Very, to say the least.

Bringer of Rain may turn into Bringer of a Dynasty sooner than one might think.

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