AL Rookie of the Year: Is it Correa or Lindor

From the day that Carlos Correa set foot on a big league diamond, he’s been highly talked about as the #1 candidate for AL Rookie of the Year, and for pretty good reason considering his numbers and overall impact. As luck would have it, there’s another young shortstop who’s had a pretty darn good year for himself in Francisco Lindor, leading to a pretty solid debate over which one should get the award.

Correa has one big, big thing going for him and that is his run production. The Houston Astros’ rookie has 19 jacks this season, while the Cleveland Indians’ first year stud has only 10. That isn’t a surprise though, as power was not ever part of Francisco Lindor’s game. Correa has also turned in 56 RBI while Lindor is only at 44. The Astros’ shortstop also has shown a knack of making some absolutely stellar plays in the field, ending up on the highlights on multiple instances. He also has put up a very good .276/.345/.507 slash.

So what’s Francisco Lindor’s argument then? While he doesn’t quite have the power, 10 home runs and 44 RBI for a contact hitting shortstop is nothing to scoff at. Lindor also has Correa beat in slash line as he is hitting .315/.352/.475. The hotshot Puerto Rican may not make quite as many highlight reel players as his Astros counterpart, but he is pretty incredible with the glove himself. He’s also struck out slightly less than Carlos Correa in almost dead even at-bats.

The truth is the two are pretty much deadlocked. Correa has Lindor beat in home runs, RBI, doubles, stolen bases, slugging percentage and OPS, but Cleveland’s rookie has the advantage in hits, average, OBP, triples, and the all-important WAR. When it comes to defense, the two are even, with neither one significantly better than the end. Miguel Sano is the only player who may have any kind of argument in this race, but in the end it won’t matter. When it’s all said and done, Francisco Lindor is going to be walking away with the American League Rookie of the Year.

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  1. Fantasy Maker

    Correa is the ROY, hands down. keep in mind that he was not called up until June 8. If you project his numbers out for a full season it would be 30+ home runs and 100+ RBI’s, 20 steals, as well as 200+ hits. His fielding percentage is also .975 not to mention how the entire team has been energized by him.

    • Jake Pleban

      Lindor was called up June 13th. And has the same projections for a full year. Has a .971 fielding percentage so he’s right there with him in that catagory, and his slash line (like the article states) is better than Correa’s, with fewer strikeouts. Don’t see how you can say he is “hands down” ROY

  2. JoelOlivencia

    Both Lindor’s and Correa’s bat stats are great. But Lindor’s defence is exeptional and Correa’s is averge.


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