Grading the Padres Offseason Additions

#9   2/11/15

Free Agent signing of James Shields four years/$75 million dollars

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This signing looked to be a great addition for the Padres, but Shields has had an off-year for the team. His walk rate and home runs allowed are way up. At the same time Shields is striking out more than normal. The numbers on him are not horrible, but he is due to make $21 million for each of the next three seasons. That is where this deal can go south very fast.

Shields has always been very durable, and that is still the case as he hasn’t missed a start the whole season. Still at the age of 33, and with over 2,100 innings under his belt (career) the concerns for him breaking down are valid. This could just be an off-year for the hurler as he adjusts to pitching in the National League for the first time. That is what the Padres will hope for, as they need Shields both on the mound and in the locker room.

Shields brings an attitude and swagger that the Padres need. His accountability hasn’t transitioned to wins just yet, but that type of behavior will eventually amount to more wins. The Padres might look to move Shields if they can get a fair return. Anything can happen as A.J. Preller attempts to get the Padres back above the .500 mark.

Grade  C

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