Can David Wright Return to All-Star Form?

On Saturday night the New York Mets did what was previously thought to be unthinkable in 2015. They clinched the National League East crown following a 10-2 blowout of the Cincinnati Reds. Prior to the season, nearly ever sportswriter across the entire country unanimously picked the Washington Nationals to dominate the NL East while the Mets were considered a Wild Card possibility at best. Here we are six months later and the Metropolitans have proven all the doubters and naysayers wrong, winning their first division title since way back in 2006.

While much of the success has been placed on the shoulders of trade deadline acquisitions such as Yoenis Cespedes among some others, as well as the Mets strong, young pitching staff, a big part of the team’s push towards the postseason was the return from injury of team captain David Wright. Wright has been the face of the franchise for the Mets over the last ten plus years and has been a big part of the team’s push back to the postseason in 2015.

Since returning from a serious, possibly career-ending spinal injury in late August, Wright has seen a bit of a resurgence back to his old, All-Star form of years past. Since returning from injury on August 24th, Wright has a slash line of .298/.371/.452 with a wRC+ of 133 in 116 plate appearances. While Wright certainly isn’t all the way back to his past form, he is coming back from a serious injury at 32 years old. This is certainly a good start for a player who has missed a majority of the last two seasons with several disabling injuries.

With Wright’€™s resurgence over the last month, and the Mets reaching the postseason for the first time in almost a decade, this begs the question of whether or not David Wright can regain his former glory and become the All-Star and the leader of the Mets as he once was. For a majority of his career with the Mets, Wright was the young stud that was the leader of a losing time. Finally this season, Wright is the veteran presence that the Mets needed to help lead their young roster into the postseason. It remains to be seen whether Wright will stay healthy and get back to his past peak performance. However for David Wright and the New York Mets, a National League East crown is certainly a good start.

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