Stephen Piscotty injured during collision

The St. Louis Cardinals have relied on the depth of their farm system to help cover up injuries that have taken place over the season. One player who has really stepped up is rookie Stephen Piscotty.  He has had a solid start to what looks to be a promising career. However his season may be over as the rookie outfielder suffered what appears to be a head injury in a rather serious collision with fellow outfielder Peter Bourjos during the game tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The rookie has batted a sizzling .313/.365/.507 over the course of the year. He has swatted seven home runs and 39 RBIs in a span of only two months since being called up in late July. He was injured while running down a fly ball in left center field. Both he and Bourjos converged on the ball at the same time. Bourjos was unscathed during the collision but Piscotty was not so lucky. He remained on the ground for several minutes before the medical staff could come tend to him. The whole stadium watched in silence as he was stabilized on a board and evacuated from the stadium on a cart. There is no word at the moment on his condition. It looks likely that his season may end tonight based on the severity of that collision. The following video is not for the faint of heart.

Since being observed by doctors, he’s been diagnosed with a head contusion.

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