When Joey Votto grounded out to second in the top of the first inning this evening, I veiled myself in a faux calm. Sure, I thought, he’s got at least three more trips to the plate. That should give him plenty of opportunities to tie Pete Rose for the Cincinnati Reds’ club record for consecutive games reaching base. Under the surface, I was certain, that by writing about it just yesterday, I had surely hexed Votto and he would fall one game short. Almost with the reassuring aesthetic of my psychotherapist, Votto came to the plate, ran the count full, choked waaayyy up on his bat and fisted a single down the line to third. Luckily, Aramis Ramirez‘s throw drew Pedro Alvarez far off the bag. Honestly, it might have been too late anyways.

So, that leaves just one more game for Votto to leave Charlie Hustle in the dust. Knock on wood. And if you recall, from yesterday’s article, he needs to reach safely in 36 more consecutive games just to tie Ted Williams‘ 1949 record. To put that in perspective, Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox currently has a 34-game on base streak going into tonight’s action. If Votto and Betts were a two-part Voltron, then when they combined they’d still be less potent than Ted Williams.

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Growing up in Seattle in the mid- to late-70s, baseball lay in the shadows of many young kids' interests, as the fledgling Mariners were barely a blip on the sports radar. As a teenager, I fell in love with a powerhouse SuperSonics team and was later to have my basketball heart ripped out. My love of baseball came slow, but am now a frothing fanatic. My first love is the Boston Red Sox (no bandwagoning here! I fell for them in '99), but I also cheer on the Mariners.

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