Five bold predictions for the 2015 MLB Postseason

3. Playoff rookies will steal the show.


Credit: Ralph Freso / Getty Images North America

Postseason experience is touted up every year when it comes time to make predictions. You can’t win in the playoffs relying on rookies, or so goes the conventional wisdom. This year’s class of rookies is different. The Chicago Cubs have polished first-year studs in Kris Bryant, Jorge Soler, Addison Russell, and Kyle Schwarber. The Houston Astros have Carlos Correa. None of these players has batted an eye down the stretch, and will continue producing throughout the playoffs (provided their teams can sneak past the Wild Card round). Baseball, and the sports world in general, has been flipped on its head the past few years. Rookies are more poised than ever thanks to a more focused development of young talent. These rookies are ready to shine, and could take the postseason by storm.

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