Power ranking the best beards in the MLB playoffs


Credit: Bob Levey / Getty Images North America

In the National Hockey League, the playoff beard is sacrosanct. The tradition has never really caught on in Major League Baseball. For whatever reason, baseball has mostly shunned facial hair throughout much of its history (although there were some really dope mustaches and mutton chops in the seventies). I think unwritten rule 1,464 (c) clearly states that players wearing a full beard are no good and do not fully respect the game. Across the country, though, the thick flavor saver is very much en vogue.

The beard is in, and it’s prominently featured on quite a few faces in the MLB playoffs. Seeing as this is America, these beards need to be ranked. Who’s got the best one?

Let’s find out! (Full disclosure, as a 26-year-old man with only the hint of a caterpillar emerging on my upper lip after three weeks of not shaving, I consulted heavily with my wife, who does enjoy a good beard, in compiling this list).

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